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Day 20: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

I love tennis and play on a league. I wasn't doing very well that season. I mentioned it to my good friend Dan who is a very spiritual and prayerful person.

His advice was this. Instead of focusing on beating your opponent, focus on how you are expressing God's qualities on the tennis court. Play tennis in a way that glorifies God.

It blew my mind to consider that God would be the slightest bit interested in my tennis game.

I decided to think about what qualities I expressed on the tennis court. The next season, each time I was on the court, I set the intention that I was playing that match for the glory of God.

I was to play 7 matches. I won 6 and forfeit 1 due to an on-court injury. Trust me, that I won 6 matches in a row was FAR from my normal.

This experience taught me that God is interested in every aspect of my life, every detail. Yes, there are starving children in Africa. That feels infinitely more important. However I learned that Spirit cares about all of us, down to the content of our cells.

Thank you, Dan. 😄

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