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Day 29: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Years ago, I ran into the work of Edwene Gaines and read her book, "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity." She has endured many difficulties in her life and chose to see those challenges in an empowering light.

She chose to see her experiences of abuse as a training, because she was meant to be a woman of power. She relied on her faith in God through the diagnosis of a brain tumor. She is a great storyteller and incredible lady.

Edwene Gaines teaches people how to live in more abundance. She has huge faith that God provides. She teaches giving to where you receive your spiritual food. She reminds us to forgive, so we can be open to receive our blessings.

As always, I recommend books and people because I love them! If this resonates with you, look up her book and teachings. To me, she is the embodiment of the word "empowered."

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