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Day 7: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

About 20 years ago, I wandered through life with several radio stations playing in my head. Some were music stations, some were talk radio...... it was a noisy mess in my mind.

I remember feeling anxious all the time. I asked Spirit for help. I just didn't feel well emotionally and needed something to change.

I "coincidentally" saw an article on metta meditation- lovingkindness- and read a book on the topic by Sharon Salzberg. I spoke of it in an earlier post. Shortly after reading the book, I saw an ad for a meditation class being held on Tuesday nights very close to where I lived.

In those days, it took all the courage I had to show up for the class. I had major fear when I was younger around being liked or accepted. Somehow, I gathered the strength and off I went.

Spirit sent me exactly where I needed to be. My first meditation teacher, Nick, was a tall, handsome man with a quick wit and British accent. He would lead us in a meditation for maybe 15-20 minutes and then he would talk about Buddhist teachings and how it applied to our daily lives. I went back the following week. And the week after that. It didn't take long before the radio stations started to quiet down in my head. One by one, the noise went offline.

I began to grow more peaceful. I made wonderful friends and felt very loved. Having the courage to show up to meditation class set me off on a path to healing myself from the inside out.

Small positive steps can lead to big, happy changes. Whatever your challenge, ask Spirit for help. You will be guided to precisely what you need.

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