Happy Monday Report! 8/24/2020

For registrants and for those who are interested, the "Happy Monday" report below is in two parts.  Part I:  what happened during Sunday night's distance energy healing session.  Part II: Message for the group in the form of an oracle card reading.  Starts at about 9 minutes in to the recording.  

There was a message that I forgot to include in the audio recording.  Before I shuffled and pulled oracle cards for all of you, I kept seeing a rabbit in my mind.  The rabbit totem animal is a symbol of fertility and spring.  I feel the rabbit is an indicator of new beginnings.  The rabbit leaps ahead and also multiplies rather quickly! You may be entering into a fruitful, fertile and abundant time.  

I would be very happy to hear your feedback or answer any questions after last night's session.  Let me know if you enjoy the additional oracle card reading for the group as well!  That was inspired by Spirit last week.  I asked ahead of the session if I should pull cards for the group again and I felt encouraged to do so.  May it be of service and encouragement to you!

The invitation to next Sunday's healing is already posted.  If you would like an individual session, I am happy to work with you personally.  Click here to learn about my services.

Wishing you many blessings for the week ahead!



P.S. If my work is of assistance to you, donations are happily accepted.  Many thanks to all of you who have donated!

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