Healing Opportunities for you + practice gratitude with me each day!

This week, I spent a great deal of time uploading content to my Love Light Voice YouTube channel.  I organized my sound healing meditations into helpful categories like Self Love, Abundance, Peace, Releasing Fear and Anxiety and Removing Obstacles.  Along with healing meditations with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, the sound healing videos are there for you whenever you need a boost.

If you have never listened to my podcast, I created 6 episodes so far.  All are now also available on YouTube as well.  I plan to create more in the future.

As I worked this week, I got to thinking about gratitude. I remembered how exchanging daily gratitude messages with my friend Sarmiza in France helped me keep my vibration high and lifted my mind.  Regardless of what was going on in the outer world, the practice of gratitude helped me stay centered and grounded in the present moment. 

I added a new feature to my YouTube channel this week.  I am uploading a Daily Gratitude video in the hopes of inspiring others to focus on gratitude each day.  I often turn to Spirit with my list of "issues."  However it feels so important to come to Spirit with a list of thank you, thank you, thank you.  If you feel called to it, consider subscribing and tune in to listen to my daily recording.  Leave me a comment with your daily gratitude as well.  Or, if you're feeling ambitious, perhaps create a video of your own!

This is an extremely healing practice that will tune you in to your Spirit and the goodness that surrounds you each day, even on hard ones.  I find that on days where there is a seeming cloud over my head, that is the day I most need to practice.  Try it daily for a couple of weeks and see how it makes you feel!  

It's the weekend again, which means that your Sunday distance energy healing is coming up very soon. Register and join a wonderful group of people from across the United States, Canada, Europe and even Australia.  I will email you the next day with the "Happy Monday Report." In it, you will learn how the session went for the group and what messages came forth from Spirit.  Those are also being posted on my YouTube channel so that you can listen at your convenience.

Once again, remember your pets are very welcome, just include them in your registration.  Feel free to pass along this email to any of your friends and family who may be interested in receiving distance energy healing or connecting with my sound healing meditations on YouTube.  Also, if you could use individual support, I am available to conduct a handful of personal sessions this week.  Just click here to learn more!

Wishing you many blessings for the coming week!

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