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Updated: 3 days ago

I am here with your "Happy Monday Report."  This report is in two parts.  First, I talk about how the session went and what areas I concentrated on during the session.  Second, I do an oracle card reading for the group to see what messages come forth for everyone.

Even if you didn't register for last night's distance healing session, these messages could also be for you!  If you feel drawn to watch the video, please do.  I recorded it late on Sunday night.  I was still reasonably put together, so instead of just hearing my voice this week, you'll see me in the video as well!

Claim one of the remaining spots to be a part of the Fabulous Five monthly healing program.  Only five people will be a part of my Wednesday night healing program from 10-11 p.m. on September 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.  As a member of this group, you will receive more focused healing, as it is only for a limited number of people.  You will also receive an audio recording each week with guidance, sound healing and/or guided meditations.  Again, since it is only for a small group, the guidance you receive will be more specific to your life and circumstances.

As a gift for registering for the Fabulous Five program, you will receive an oracle card reading delivered by private video.  The reading is titled "How to Best Meet the Present Moment." ($55 value.) Create your best now and set the stage for a more empowered future.  As an added bonus, you will also receive 25% off most products and services on LoveLightVoice.com through the remainder of 2020.

This is not a subscription, but a one month commitment!  Fabulous Five members get first priority to sign up for the following month's group, but there is absolutely no obligation.

The number FIVE is a number of change.  This small group is for those who are ready to embrace positive change and welcome new beginnings into their lives.  Could this be you?  Click here for further details!

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