It's in the cards! Helpful hands from Spirit!

Updated: 3 days ago

Happy Monday!

Last night, I did an oracle card reading for the group who registered for Sunday night's distance healing session.  Even if you did not register, feel free to watch the video if you feel drawn to it.  

This week Spirit came forth with so many helping hands from above!  I used two decks, and in one spread, almost every card I chose had an image of large hands coming down from the sky, as well as stars.  I see this as Divine help, guidance and blessings!  Click on the video below for the healing report and Spirit's message.

What insight does Spirit have for you right now?

If you are experiencing worries or personal challenges and would like to receive helpful spiritual insight, I am now offering spiritual guidance sessions.  Using oracle cards, psychic and empathic ability, I will relay to you what Spirit needs you to know right now.  If you would like insight on a specific topic, please indicate it when you place your order.


When I conduct any session, I ask for the absolute highest and best guidance on your behalf.  Readings and their contents are completely confidential and your privacy is important to me.  I only use my clients' first name in the readings.  The videos are uploaded to an unlisted link.  You will be the only person who has access to it.

Take advantage of 25% off through Wednesday, September 30, 2020 with coupon code SEPT2020. Click here to order your reading and learn more!

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