Lions and tigers and bears...........oh my!


Yes, lions, tigers, bears!

I feel like I can hear you saying, "What?!" from here!  

Click the video below for the Happy Monday Report and find out why in the world I'm talking about random animals!!  

Even if you didn't register for last night's session, watch the video if you feel drawn to it!  Great information about connecting to nature, getting grounded and welcoming the help of our Animal Spirit Guides.

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Through this program, experience more focused distance healing, since the number of participants is limited to 5. At the start of the program,  you receive an individual oracle card reading delivered by video (Alone a $55 value.)  After each session, you will receive a healing report much like the one above.  There is often supplemental healing material, such as a sound healing MP3 for your use!  You receive the benefit of weekly intuitive messages, group oracle card readings, channeling and sometimes, even mediumship.  Each week is something different and the content is not up to me, but up to Spirit!

Fabulous Five membership is offered at a very reasonable price for all the value offered!  Grab the remaining spot today!

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