Practicing what I preach!

Warm greetings!

This weekend I will be fully practicing what I preach to all of you. I will take some time to myself for my own spiritual maintenance and self-care! As a result, I will hold the next complimentary distance healing session at 9 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, November 29.

If you are in need of a spiritual and energetic boost, have a look at the Healing MP3 store, where you can instantly download a sound healing for yourself. If you would like a custom sound healing MP3, I do also provide those at a very reasonable price. In the case of both sound healing options, these recordings are multiple use. Healing energy is contained within the sound of my voice, whether through speaking or singing. Each time you listen, you will continue to heal layer upon layer of your being.

Wishing you abundant blessings! I'll be back in touch soon. Martha

P.S. Priority registration is now open for the Fabulous Five Monthly Healing Program for the month of December. Click here to learn more.


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