I named this package after my friend Sarmiza who gifted me an Aquamarine when she came to visit from Europe.  The Aquamarine is associated with the Throat chakra and is a stone of courage, reduces stress and calms the mind.  Sarmiza is a healer as well and this is the very work we do.  Through energy healing, we empower others.  


This is a package of 3 Online Live Energy and Sound Healing sessions with Martha of LoveLightVoice.com.  Regular price, $450.  I will meet you via Zoom or Skype at a mutually agreed upon time to do a live, online 60 minute distance energy and sound healing.  During the session, I will use my abilities to channel whatever healing is guided through the Angels and Ascended Masters, as well as sounds, mantras and channeled messages.  Once you set the appointment, I will send you instructions on how to prepare for your individual healing session.  I will record the audio for you, so that you may listen to the healing again and continue to reap its' benefits from it.


The energy works on every level of your Being.  Prepare to feel more centered, find more serenity and ascend to higher levels on your spiritual path.

Aquamarine Healing Package: 3 Online Live Energy and Sound Healing Sessions

  • The healing package must be used in its' entirety within 12 months of purchase.  If clients do not appear online for their healing session at the agreed time without communicating to cancel the appointment beforehand, they forfeit that session.  

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