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This is a package of 6 Distance Reiki Energy Healing and Sound Healing sessions with Martha of   The sessions will begin at a mutually agreed upon time so that you can relax and enjoy the healing energy if you would like.  During the session, I will use my abilities to channel whatever healing is guided through the Angels and Ascended Masters, as well as sounds, mantras and channeled messages.  I will record the audio for you, so that you may listen to the healing again and continue to reap its benefits from it.


You can choose to set a weekly appointment for 6 weeks so that you have set, self-care scheduled into your life!  You can also choose to set the distance Reiki healing appointments randomly, on an as needed basis.  I only ask that the package of 6 healing sessions be used within 12 months of purchase.


Why receive regular distance Reiki healing treatments?


  • Heal in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Distance energy healing is the ultimate wireless technology.  After healing sessions, you can relax and maybe even fall asleep immediately!  
  • Reiki works for your highest and best to help heal physical symptoms or physical ailments.
  • The energy can aid you to sleep better.
  • Reiki can help dissolve and clear any mental and emotional blockages in your system, leading to greater calm, peace and clarity.
  • Working with the energy consistently, you can enjoy a greater ability to receive insight from the Divine, on your own or through the session itself.  Many report that their own psychic skills are amplified after receiving an energy healing session.
  • Reiki healing can help guide your next best steps in your life.
  • Encourages a deeper relationship with Spirit, the Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters
  • Receive energy to clear your home and environment.  Your pets included!


Reiki works on every level of your Being.  Prepare to feel more centered, find more serenity and ascend to higher levels on your spiritual path.  You may choose to set a weekly appointment for six weeks during which to receive your distance session.  Or, you can choose to use the healing sessions randomly, on an as needed basis.


Your sound healing recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours of each healing session.  This recording will contain additional healing for you in the form of sound, through chant, toning or channeled messages.  Each recording varies in length, but on average, recordings tend to be 20-25 minutes long.  They are multiple use, so each time you feel drawn to listen, the energy within it will continue to heal deeper and deeper layers.

Emerald Reiki Healing Package: 6 Distance sessions with Sound Healing

SKU: 13
  • The healing package must be used in its' entirety within 12 months of purchase.  

    I am not a medical doctor.  Energy healing is best used in tandem with your existing medical treatment.  Do not discontinue your medical treatments while receive energy healing sessions.

    Spirit decides what healing is in the highest and best interest of each individual person.  Results may vary from person to person.

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