The lion is the symbol for the astrological sign of Leo.  This sign is ruled by the sun.  Leo is known for having a big heart, creativity, courage, confidence and being in the spotlight! 


The Full Moon is an ideal time for releasing.  What is blocking your heart?  How are you loving yourself?  Are you allowing yourself to be loved by others? 


What is blocking you from expressing your creativity?  Are you truly letting yourself "be seen?" 


Cats are playful -- even big ones!  Are you engaging your inner joy and child-like playfulness?


This healing sesssion will help you release energetic blocks so that you and your light can shine more brightly.  You have many gifts to offer the world.  Allow yourself to be seen.


This special 60 minute distance healing session will take place on the Full Moon in Leo on Thursday, January 28, 2021. The healing energy will be sent at  3 p.m. Eastern Time (Florida, USA). Regardless of whether you are awake, asleep or otherwise engaged, the healing energy will reach you. Healing energy can help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I always set the highest and best intention for all of my clients.  I always ask Archangel Michael to join in each healing session and ask for his protection over all of us during this sacred time.


When you register for this healing session, you will be invited to state your intention for the healing.  I will take time reading each intention and offering it on your behalf to the Divine.


People who receive distance energy healing sessions often report feeling

*  more connected to Spirit, their Angels and Guides

*  relief and improvement in their physical challenges

* releases of stagnant emotion and stress that holds them back

* greater peace, harmony and clarity

* feeling more balanced

* improvements in their relationships

* feeling greater love and appreciation for themselves

* receptive to insight and guidance to help improve their life now


Once the healing session has concluded, all who register will receive a private link for the Healing Report video, as well as any information or guidance that I receive on the group's behalf.  


You will receive the Healing Report and guidance within 24 hours of the healing session.  Only those who register for the healing will be able to view this video.


The world needs your light and the gifts you have to offer the world.  Join us on this Full Moon to surrender the energies that hold us back from expressing the highest version of your sunny, creative self!

Full Moon in Leo Distance Healing Session - January 28, 2020

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