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You are invited! 

Register now for the complimentary Spring Equinox Distance Healing Session.

In gratitude to the Love Light Voice community, I will conduct a complimentary Reiki group distance healing session on the Spring Equinox.  I am grateful to those of you who follow and support my work! 


I am am Intuitive, Reiki Master, energy and sound healer.  I have been working with healing energy for the benefit of myself and others for nearly 12 years.


Reiki is a Japanese word.  If we look at each syllable, Rei translates as soul or spirit, while Ki is defined as vital energy. Reiki practitioners are a conduit for Universal life force energy.  They transmit the healing energy through their hands to the body and energy field of their client. 


A Reiki practitioner can also transmit healing energy to a client on any point on the globe, much like a radio transmitter, mobile phone tower or a television satellite beams information to your electronic device.  By signing up to receive Reiki distance healing, you are in effect allowing the "antennae" of your being to receive the healing energy.   

Reiki is not limited by geography and is truly wireless.  You do not have to sign in online, call in or do anything special to receive the healing.  The energy will reach you through your willingness to receive it.     

Scroll down to learn about my upcoming complimentary Reiki distance healing event.  Click below to register.

Complimentary Spring Equinox Distance Healing
Complimentary Spring Equinox Distance Healing
Mar 20, 2021, 9:00 PM
Distance Healing is truly wireless.
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