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I am a Reiki Master and channel for Divine healing energy.  I have been working with healing energy for the benefit of myself and others for 14 years.


I am a  conduit for Universal life force energy. I transmit healing energy through my hands to the body and energy field of my client.  I can also transmit healing energy to a client on any point on the globe, much like a radio transmitter, mobile phone tower or a television satellite beams information to your electronic device.  By signing up to receive distance energy healing, you are in effect allowing the "antennae" of your being to receive the healing energy.


Healing energy is not limited by geography and is truly wireless.  You do not have to sign in online, call in or do anything special to receive the healing.  The energy will reach you through your intent and willingness to receive it.     

Click below to discover how distance energy healing can benefit you.

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