Sarmiza T., Paris, France

Thank you for this healing and all the messages channeled, I am receiving your healings in France, where I live. The messages regarding Joy and Abundance come in a perfect timing for me in this moment, they really resonate with me as I am working on the abundance and the receiving energy and all that has to do with resistance towards this aspects of life. I experience many blocages in this area (probably as many other persons out there, in the collective). I started to listen to all of your healing audios on Youtube and they really brought me so much, I honestly feel the positive effects in my life since I benefit of your channelings. The morning after having received this healing I have had a big awarness regarding one of the obstacles that were blocking me for receiving (thanks Ganesh). I have realised that each time I was receiving money (or any type of gifts or attentions) I had this feeling of guilt. Memories came into my mind of moments where I was receiving money as a child and feeling guilty about it (as if when money was given to me, the other person had to suffer or had to experience lack and it wasn't something I wanted, so I couldn't express my joy of receiving because the guilt was bigger). Having this awarness, helped me allow myself to receive and to release the guilt and replace it with Joy and the worthiness of receiving. I definitely feel more and more joy today when receiving money or unexpected compliments or surprises. This also influenced my business, as I start to attract more clients (4 new clients in just one week period), I am so amazed, so happy and beyond grateful for your healing energy. I am the living proof that this helps and in a big way (at least for me). Thank you so much and send you many many blessings your way ! <3 May you be able to spread your healing energy to as many people as possible ! <3

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