Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.  I believe that the energy of Lakshmi lives within each of us.  This is the potential for each of us to live an abundant life.  Abundance comes in many forms:  financial abundance, creativity, family, friends, pets, career, love!  If you would like to awaken or strengthen the energy of abundance within you, this recording is for you.


Sung by a professional, classically-trained soprano, this 19 minute sound healing meditation includes the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl, sung chant and healing energy. As I speak or sing, healing energy is transmitted to the listener. If you are sensitive to feeling energy, you will be able to feel the healing energy working to awaken more of your abundant potential as you listen to this recording.


The Lakshmi mantra is: OM SHRIM MAHA LAKSHMI NAMAHA.  The recording begins with the chanting of 9 OMs. It is followed by the repetition of the Lakshmi mantra. Please chant along with me in whatever octave of your voice is comfortable. At the end of the recording, I chant a mantra of gratitude, OM NAMAH YESHUWAYA, the Christ Consciousness mantra.



Lakshmi: Align with Abundance Sound Healing MP3

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