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Acts of kindness.....for yourself

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers.  Plant your own garden and decorate your soul.”  – Mario Quintana  

I teach college students.  Recently, I was quite pleased when I found myself saying, “I excel at taking care of myself.”  After getting divorced three years ago, I had to learn to take really great care of me.  I had to learn to deal with auto mechanics and make visits to Auto Zone.  (Trust me, I’d rather be anywhere than Auto Zone!)  I had to learn to support myself completely.  But most importantly, I’ve had to learn to make myself happy.  I have taken on the assignment with aplomb.  One of the ways that I love to take care of myself is that I buy myself flowers.  The flowers pictured here are ones that I bought myself this past Valentine’s Day.

I don’t just buy myself flowers on Valentine’s Day, but even on random days.  I’ll go to my favorite fancy supermarket and see the roses just calling to me.  I place them on my dining room table and enjoy the elegance and beauty they bring to my home.  It’s a simple thing that brings richness to my life.

Valentine’s Day can be tough on a single girl of any age.  This year, I decided I was going to celebrate it by doing my best to be happy.  I took myself out to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in my city.  It is a French restaurant that mostly serves breakfast and lunch with delicious coffee and pastries.  Many of the people who work there are French and it feels like a mini Parisian escape every time I get to visit.  I got myself looking cute and went out to enjoy a meal on my own.  I loved it.  That’s not to say that I didn’t experience any semblance of loneliness or sadness on that day.  I just did the best I could in that moment to help make myself feel good and deserving of nice things, even if I am not in a relationship.  I took the opportunity to send that message to myself.

Maybe flowers aren’t your thing.  Find another way to invest in your happiness.  Find a way to tell yourself as often as you can, no matter your station in life:  “I matter.  I deserve good things.”

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