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There is something peaceful and calming about being at the edge of the water, watching the waves. I don't always go swimming at the beach.  Sometimes I prefer to sit on the sand and stare.  One day recently, I went in and decided to float on my back. 

How nice it was to feel my body perfectly supported by the ocean.  I just let myself float. It occurred to me that this can be our relationship with Spirit. Not only allowing ourselves to be supported, but truly allowing ourselves to feel supported.

We have the choice to be one with the ocean.......to be in the presence of Spirit.  However, how much support we allow in is up to us. We can float in the ocean for a while, but we can also put our feet down on the ground and just stand there, surrounded by water, but not floating.

We can see the water, we can see the ocean. We understand, thanks to the laws of physics, that saltwater will hold us if we choose to float.  It takes a bit more trust to understand that Spirit holds us in exactly the same way.

Whatever is happening in your life today, may you choose to surrender it to Spirit.

Float baby, float!

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