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Hit pause & reflect! No rush! Weekly Message from Spirit

Warm greetings!

Earlier on in my spiritual evolution, I met an energy healer who would tell me, "trust the flow of life." I would roll my eyes and get annoyed. I didn't feel like I could trust the flow. I wanted to DO things and MAKE things happen.

I'm a little wiser these days (I think?!) and can often feel when it is time to DO and when it is time to WAIT. I believe we can feel this from the inside out. If we sit with ourselves, we know the truth.

The energy of today is asking us to hit pause, sit still and reflect. I used both my intuition and the Power Animals deck by Steven Farmer for today's Weekly Message from Spirit. I hope you will enjoy this new video!

Many blessings!


P.S. The next collective distance healing will be on Sunday, August 27, 2023 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Registration is now available for those of you who like to plan ahead! Visit my website to learn more. As usual, personal distance healing sessions are available as well!

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