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It's Your Choice! Weekly Message from Spirit

Warm greetings!

Choose your message in today's Weekly Message from Spirit. Do you resonate with the energy of a Deep Pink Rose or the energy of a Wild Sunflower? I use the Mother Mary Oracle for today's reading.

Let me know in the comment section if you enjoy this video.

Much love and many blessings,


On Sale for a Limited Time!

I can't leave a crystal shop without a new amethyst. I am so drawn to them! They help me feel peaceful! I named this distance healing package after the amethyst, as my hope is that you will emerge feeling more peace after having this experience.

The Amethyst Healing Package includes four 30 minute *personal* distance healing sessions. After each session, you will receive a written report about your session. I will tell you how your chakra system responded to the energy. I will report back on any parts of the body that asked for extra energy. I also share any intuitive guidance that flows through for you as I work.

Some situations require more than one "go" to be resolved. Witih each distance healing session, the energy will work to resolve whatever is affecting you on a deeper level. The Divine healing energy can help you on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The energy has an intelligence all its own. It will work where the need is the greatest.

By purchasing this package, you will save $10 off the cost of a regular 30 minute session. When you purchase, you can choose to schedule the sessions randomly or we can set a schedule together.

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