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Message from Dolphin

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This past weekend, I was intent on accomplishing many things.  At a certain point on Saturday, I decided that what my Spirit needed most from me was to pause from all the “adult-y” things I was doing and take myself out to the beach.  I drove about a half hour to a public beach access on an island off of the coast.  I always carry a beach chair in my car, so if the mood strikes, I am prepared.

I intended on being there for sunset.  For some odd reason, I’d felt like being dressed up that day, so there I was, sitting in my super casual beach chair……in a yellow dress.  I was enjoying taking photos of the water and the sky and the sun……enjoying watching a young woman have maternity photos taken by a photographer both on the shore and even inside the ocean.  She looked stunning and happy.

As I watched the sun descend, I started to notice fins in the distance.  And this brought my heart joy, because I could see that dolphins were in the area.  Then, the most incredible thing happened.  There were some waves that were a little taller than normal crashing in to the shore.  And a dolphin decided that he would just play and literally jumped through the waves right in front of me, in the direction of the shore……no less than three times!  I sat there with my mouth agape.  I have spent many hours at the beach and I have never witnessed such a thing!  What an expression of joy!

That night, it felt like the dolphin was bringing me a personal message.  There are moments in life that can feel a bit like you’re being hit by waves…….perhaps life feels tumultuous.  I have a choice.  To feel smacked about by the waves, or to jump and play with them!  I can choose joy.  I can choose to play.  I can even choose to laugh at my circumstances!  If I allow room for laughter, joy and play, I allow room in my mind for miracles and amazing manifestations.

Today I am choosing to listen to the dolphin.  Today, I will allow myself room to play!

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