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New Product Alert! Healing for Self-Love: A Sound Healing Meditation

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

When I first met my mentor Joe Kane, he told me something that left an impression. He encouraged me to "fill my cup." When discussing relationships, he often thought that people sometimes got together who were each 50% full, hoping to make a full cup. Often, this does not work.

As I set out to channel this sound healing meditation, I was given the image over and over again of a cup. The truth is, each of us is already a full cup, we just don't know it yet! Peel away every layer of beliefs and labels, and each of us is pure love and pure potential. It doesn't get much more "full" than that!

This Healing for Self-Love strives to get you in touch with your "full cup." Through this 18 minute recording, you will release energy that prevents you from feeling greater levels of self-love, compassion for yourself and deeper feelings of self worth.

Listen to this meditation as many times as you feel guided. Each time you listen, the energy present within the sound will continue to heal you for your absolute highest and best.

In this recording you will hear:

  • The sound of a Tibetan singing bowl

  • Sung mantra by Martha of - OM NAMAH YESHUWAYA - the Christ Consciousness mantra chanted 9 times

  • Martha is a professional opera singer and healer. The sound quality is high vibration and quality!

  • Spoken word for the healing meditation.

Click here to download your healing meditation today!

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