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Published Feb. 25, 2021: Sound Healing for Full Moon in Virgo

Each New Moon and Full Moon, I create a sound healing meditation. I am a professional singer and an energy healer. Healing energy streams through the sound of my speaking and singing voice.

This Saturday, February 27, we welcome the Full Moon in Virgo. As a result, this week I bring you a Full Moon Tuning. I am conducting a distance healing session on Saturday, February 27 at 12 p.m. Eastern time, 5 p.m. UTC. If you would like to register for this event, visit

You can use this sound healing by itself. For an even more powerful experience, listen to this recording as you receive the distance healing on Saturday. This particular video is different than past meditations, as there is far more speaking than usual and just a little bit of chant. Also, since we are moving through Pisces season, I felt moved to go film the ocean to accompany this meditation.

Through the Full Moon Tuning, you will hear the sound of my voice, a Tibetan singing bowl, the wind and gentle sound of the ocean. I work with Spirit, Archangel Michael, who is one of my main guides and my own Guides and channel the healing for the highest and best of whoever comes in contact with it. This healing is timeless. If you are drawn to the video, it is for you!

Martha, a professional singer and Reiki Master, channeled a sound healing along with the sound of the Gulf of Mexico. Visit to download your free sound healing meditation for body, mind and spirit.

To book your own personal healing session, visit

If my work is of assistance to you, gratuities are humbly accepted at - many thanks.

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