Sunsets and clouds in my DNA

Updated: Jan 25

Not long ago, I scrolled through all of the photos in my phone and realized that I had an extremely high number of photos in my gallery of clouds, the sky, the sea and the sun.  In that moment, I thought of my great-aunt Ofelia.  She was the closest person I had to a grandmother in my life and I spent a great deal of time with her as a child.  She loved photographing dramatic looking skies, beautiful clouds and proudly showed me her photos once she had them developed.

 She has been on the “other side” for at least ten years now.  I thought of her today especially because it was her birthday.  Tonight I went out to the beach alone to watch the sunset.  It was a majestic one, indeed.  A perfect way to honor a relative with a fun sense of humor and a personality that was larger than life.  Clearly she lives on in me, in the stream of photos I carry in my phone.  I have sunsets and clouds in my DNA.

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