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I love to visit crystal shops.  It seems that each time I visit one, I most gravitate towards amethysts.  As a result, I own more amethysts than any other stone!  Amethysts are naturally calming, relieve stress and soothe negative states of mind.  Amethyst promotes spiritual awareness and opens one's spiritual gifts.  Amethysts open these qualities in us as does energy healing!


I will conduct a 30 minute distance Reiki healing session for you at a mutually agreed upon time.  After completing your session, you will receive an email with specific notes about what occurred during your healing session, as well as any messages that come through for you during the session.  You can expect to receive the written report within 48 hours of your appointment.


You can set an individual Reiki healing appointment yourself for a month with this package.  This can be your own weekly self care ritual.  Alternately, you can choose to schedule the distance Reiki healings randomly and use them as needed.


Why receive regular distance energy healing treatments?


  • Heal in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Distance Reiki healing is the ultimate wireless technology.  After healing sessions, you can relax and maybe even fall asleep immediately!   
  • Reiki works for your highest and best to help heal physical symptoms or physical ailments.
  • Reiki can aid you to sleep better.
  • The energy can help dissolve and clear any mental and emotional blockages in your system, leading to greater calm, peace and clarity.
  • Working with the Reiki healing energy consistently, you can enjoy a greater ability to receive insight from the Divine, on your own or through the session itself.  Many report that their own psychic skills are amplified after receiving an energy healing session.
  • The energy can help guide your next best steps in your life.
  • Encourages a deeper relationship with Spirit, the Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters
  • Receive Reiki healing energy to clear your home and environment.  Your pets included!


Thank you for your order!  I welcome any questions or client feedback at  I look forward to being of service!


Amethyst Reiki Healing Package: 4 Distance Healing Sessions w/PDF notes

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$288.00 Regular Price
$222.00Sale Price
  • There are no returns available on this product.

    I am not a medical doctor.  Energy healing is a great partner to your ongoing medical protocol.  Please do not stop your medical care because you are receiving energy healing.  

    Results may vary from client to client.  Spirit brings you the healing that is in your highest and best right now.  

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