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I will conduct a 60 minute distance healing session for you at a mutually agreed upon time.  I connect to the Divine on your behalf to channel your highest and best healing at this time on every level-- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I typically send healing energy to all major chakras and allow myself to be guided to areas of the physical body where healing is needed.  I often also work to clean and clear the outer energy fields and cut away negative cords on behalf of the client.


Reiki healing benefits include:


  • greater calm, peace and clarity in the mind and emotions
  • provides relief to physical ailments
  • enjoy relief from anxiety
  • greater ability to receive insight from the Divine, both yourself or through the session itself
  • encourages a deeper relationship with Spirit, the Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters
  • heightens your own, personal spiritual gifts
  • can aid in achieving better sleep


At the end of the session, I will record a comprehensive report MP3 about the session itself and include any information that the client needs to know about their healing.  This can include information about the status of the client's major chakras and specific area of the body that were asking to receive healing energy.  If any specific guidance or message comes through for the client, I include that in the report.  I typically send the healing report within 24 hours of the client's session.


Past clients have reported profound feelings of peace and relaxation as well as physical sensations and releases while receiving their session.  Results vary from client to client.


Thank you for your order!  I welcome any questions or client feedback at  

Distance Reiki Healing Session +MP3 Voice Memo Healing Report

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