Ganesh is a Hindu god who takes the form of an elephant.  He is known as the Remover of Obstacles.  In this sound healing meditation, I chant the Ganesh mantra, OM GAM GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA in order to align with the energy of Ganesh.  Ganesh assists in giving us the strength, courage and confidence to move through any obstacles or challenges that stand in our way.  


This 15 minute recording includes the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl, sung chant and healing energy.  As I speak or sing, healing energy is transmitted to the listener.  If you are sensitive to feeling energy, you will be able to feel the healing energy working within you as you listen to this recording.


Martha of is a professional opera singer and musician, in addition to being a healer.  


Use this any time you feel you need an extra boost.  The energy of Ganesh lives inside each of us in the forms of determination, strong will and perseverance.  Awaken more of these qualities through the energy in this sound healing meditation.


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