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I love the saying: "Happiness is an inside job."  Attributed to William Arthur Ward, I believe this quote holds much truth not only for happiness, but abundance.  


This 30 minute sound healing mp3 is an amazing tool for creating more abundance from the inside out.  As we clear blocks that hold us back from receiving abundance, we are more open and receptive to allowing more of the good things in life to find us!


This sound healing is lead by the Hindu goddess of prosperity and abundance, Lakshmi.  She comes forth to bless each one of the seven major chakras in our bodies to clear the path for more abundance.  Particularly at the levels of the heart and solar plexus chakra, the Ascended Master Jesus came forth in order to lend his energy for clearing away unforgiveness and lack which again, blocks us from receiving more goodness in our life.  This mp3 is full of powerful energy and blessings.


In it, you will hear words from the Ascended Masters being channeled through Martha,  who is both a professional opera singer and healer.  Using a Tibetan singing bowl,  affirmations, spoken and sung chant, your energetic system will receive a powerful healing.  


 Listen to this recording as many times as you feel guided.  You may choose to listen to it while laying down or relaxing or best effect.  If you are sensitive to it, you will feel the healing energy flowing and working on your body as you listen.  

Receive Abundance: A Sound Healing MP3

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  • There are no refunds available on this product.  Results may vary from client to client.  

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