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Using oracle cards to discern general themes, Martha will connect intuitively with you and your Guides to discern what guidance is most needed for you in this moment.  Life is occuring now, in this moment.  How can you best meet this moment in order to create the present and future you desire?  What do you most need to heal in your life now?  Questions surrounding particular themes such as career, love, relationships, money, how to better care for yourself and deepening your spiritual connection are welcome. 


Sessions are 30 minutes long.  I will record your session and upload it to YouTube with a *PRIVATE* link.  I will then send you the link so that you can view your reading at your leisure.   I will only use your first name.  Your reading and whatever information flows through from Spirit or from the oracle cards is personal, private and confidential.  


I am to complete your reading within 72 hours of booking.  There are times where I may need to extend the turnaround time.  I will let you know if this is the case.  Please submit any particular themes or questions you have when you book your reading.  Alternately, you can email me at with your questions when you book.

Spiritual Guidance: Recorded & delivered by private video

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  • There are no refunds for private readings.  

    I am not a medical doctor.  Advice in regards to energy healing should be used alongside the care you receive from a medical professional.

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