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2022 Sound Healing Meditations

My gift is transmitting healing frequencies through the sound of my speaking and singing voice. You will be uplifted as you listen to any of my sound healing meditations. The energies within them will help you heal on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you need a soothing break or a lift to your vibration, these sound healing meditations are an amazing tool. Lay down and relax. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel the healing energy moving through you as you listen.

If you are working on a particular issue, one "listen" may not be enough. Listen as many times you feel guided. Each time, the energy will continue to work on your behalf. Click on the images below to be taken to each meditation.

You are also invited to download an mp3 from this site called "Sound Healing with the Ocean." As you listen to the sound of my voice accompanied by the Gulf of Mexico, you will receive healing energy. Learn more here.

Receive healing focused on the heart chakra in this 19 minute meditation. You will hear the sound of my voice, as well as the Tibetan singing bowl in this recording. There are also channeled messages that came forth during this meditation. If you fear loving again, need courage to love again after heartbreak, this meditation is for you.

Call in the energy of joy, laughter and creativity. This is a 22 minute meditation. You will hear the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl, chanting and channeled messages. Feel your heart soar as you release yourself of grief, disappointment and loss. Feel free to be your most joyful self.

This is a short, 12 minute meditation. The Divine Mother is strongly with us and also WITHIN us. She offers her blessings in this mp3. No singing or chanting this time-- it contains spoken word and the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl.

This meditation targets vibrancy, wellbeing and health in every cell and tissue of your body. They singled out red blood cells, white blood cells, the skin, hair follicles, muscles, connective tissues........Spirit was specific! The meditation is 26 minutes long and is mostly a spoken meditation with a little bit of chanting.

This is a 13 minute spoken meditation feels more like a channeled message. It was created to remind you that you are whole, you are worthy, you are complete and that you are love. This meditation includes the opportunity to an opportunity to visualize radiant perfect health and shift challenging circumstances with the ancient Hawaiian practice, Ho'oponopono.

The dolphin spirit animal joins us in this 19 minute meditation that serves as a cleansing for our emotional body. As you listen to the sounds in this meditation, you will release stuck emotions that are ready to be released. There is healing and wholeness for your Inner Child. You will hear the sound of chanting and the Tibetan singing bowl.

In this 19 minute sound healing meditation, you will receive Divine healing energy to help you on every level - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This video brings the message of moving past just being "okay" - to being GREAT. Spirit is saying-- YOUR cup runneth OVER! Welcome in abundance with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. I chant her mantra in this meditation. There is so much enthusiastic energy in this meditation-- I hope you enjoy it!

Call in financial abundance with this 15 minute meditation. During this channeled meditation, I chant the Ganesh mantra, Lakshmi mantra and Christ Consciousness mantra. Use this mp3 to remove blocks in your energy that prevent you from aligning with the energy of abundance. With the Christ Consciousness mantra, we bask in the energy of gratitude for blessings received, small and large.

In this 15 minute meditation, you will receive energy to move from struggle into a greater sense of worth, courage and confidence.

Heal self worth issues as you listen to this 19 minute sound healing meditation. As you listen to the sound of my speaking or singing voice, you will receive Divine healing energy to help you on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

For all things you would like to heal or create-- give thanks in advance! This sound healing meditation will get you into the flow of receptivity for your blessings to arrive! Simply listen to the sound of my speaking voice and receive the energy within this recording.

Receive healing energy to open and free your heart chakra from pain, grief, disappointment, wounding. Listen as many times as you feel guided.


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