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31 Days of Sound Healing: Day 9

Each day during the month of October, I am sharing a sound healing meditation I hope will be of service to you. Today's meditation is titled Support & Relief: if financial stress is affecting your physical health.

This meditation was channeled ahead of the New Moon in Virgo in early September 2019. However, the energies contained within it are timeless and will help you whenever you listen to this meditation. In this healing audio, Spirit sends forth energy to boost your physical health, especially in relationship to your finances. When people experience financial hardship, it can affect their physical, mental and emotional health. You will receive energy to help strengthen you and open pathways to better physical health and a better financial life.

There is a vast collection of sound healing meditations available to help you on this website! Visit the Video Library for the full catalog! Bookmark this page and visit whenever you need a boost!

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