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Call to relaxation for healing: Weekly Message from Spirit 5.25.23

Warm greetings!

I have a new energy-infused video to share with you. This week, Spirit calls us to spend time in relaxation. It is a good time to let yourself be still. If emotions arise, allow them to flow. If you can spend time near a body of water, great. If not, a bubble bath could be just as good. If it rains outside, you can use that as a cleansing as well. Use your imagination and the power of your intention.

This week's video is also an opportunity to receive healing energy. I got some specific points on my body where Spirit wanted to work on behalf of the people who connect with my work. If you feel drawn to the video, it's for you!

With love and many blessings,


P.S. If you'd like individual distance healing work, I have availability from May 30th onward. Visit my website to learn what services are available.

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