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Clearing Obstacles to Success and Fulfillment

Warm greetings!

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!

Here is the link to the Full Moon Tuning that I channeled yesterday. The recording begins with OM and the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl. I started to sense the presence of Ganesh, the Hindu deity that helps remove obstacles. I chant the Ganesh mantra to remove any obstacles, real or imagined, that stand in the way of our success and fulfillment. I also chant OM for each chakra, from the Soul Star to the Earth Star to clear, balance and bring in more Divine Love.

The recording is close to 40 minutes in length. As you listen, you will receive healing energy to help you on every level! If you feel drawn to it, set aside some time to listen to recording and receive. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel releases and internal shifts as you listen. Pay attention to any insights you receive during or after listening to the meditation as well.

If you would enjoy more energetic support at the time of this Full Moon, I will hold a group distance healing session this Sunday, June 28, 2021 at 9 p.m. Eastern. For more information on this healing event, visit my website. For a more amplified experience, perhaps listen to the sound healing meditation as you receive healing energy during the session on Sunday night.

Have a blessed day!!


P.S. I am available for individual distance healing work as well. I provide 30 minute or 60 minute individual distance healing sessions. Clients may receive reports in writing or through video. I also channel custom sound healing mp3s for clients worldwide. Learn all about my services here.

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