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Day 13: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

My website exists because of my Reiki Master Teacher, Francine Milford. In life, we need people to notice our gifts and talents. Francine did this for me.

Spirit led me to Francine's website at the Reiki Center of Venice many years ago. I had friends who threw around the word "Reiki" but I didn't quite know what it was or what it meant. I was visiting Francine's website,, for a full year before I finally managed to walk in the door to her offices.

By then, I had had some experiences with energy but still felt very skeptical. In those days, I was afraid of everything! Francine later said that when I first came to see her, that I had an attitude. It was likely a mask of fear. I was there to learn Reiki, but I was well out of my comfort zone.

Francine pointed out my ability to use my singing voice to transmit healing energy to others. I began to incorporate toning into my energy healing sessions to help others. Because of her guidance, I began to record sound healing sessions for clients. I have done this for many people around the globe.

I completed my Reiki I, II and III with Francine over the course of a few months in 2009. Thank you, Francine! I wouldn't be doing this work if it weren't for you!

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