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Day 18: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Mother Theresa said, "do small things with great love." My Aunt Celia embodies that statement perfectly.

I was with my Aunt Celia for a few days in August. I went to see her and my family in Arizona. Aunt Celia doesn't know I think of her as a spiritual teacher, but I do. It feels like anyone who teaches you more about love must be a spiritual teacher. If God is love, then God is within every loving act.

My aunt isn't the type of person who says "I love you." As a small child, I could feel her love by the way she placed a plate of Oreos with small glass of RC Cola in front of me at the kitchen table. Last month, I felt transported to my childhood as she placed a colorful salad in front of me. She placed it there gently and lovingly.

I pause and ask myself- do people feel loved when they are around me? I fear I rush from task to task. This spiritual lesson from my aunt causes me think about slowing down. I'd like to embody more loving mindfulness, just like her.

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