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Day 21: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

I have to admit-- had it not been for Doreen Virtue and her book "Divine Guidance" I may not have made what I call first, conscious contact with my own Guides and Guardian Angels. I was sitting on the couch in my bedroom, next to a shrine I had made there with all of my favorite spiritual things. I held her book and did a meditation to draw my angels near. That day, I felt a gentle, electric pulse on both of my cheeks. I also felt as if someone was fanning air onto my right cheek. It was wild. But I wanted to have the felt experience of knowing my angels were around me. I was brave enough to ask for it. I very much appreciate knowing when they are near. I am happy to feel their presence.

I know Doreen Virtue went her own way spiritually, but she was a tremendous influence on me. I read many of her books. I really wanted to be connected to the angelic realm and her body of work provided me with much needed information and instruction. My life is certainly better for it!

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