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Day 22: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

I believe that our homes are an extension of our energy field. Our homes support us and our path in life. I have always been drawn to feng shui and the art of how to arrange my home for the optimal flow and success.

In the area of feng shui, I am still very fond of the book "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" by Karen Rauch Carter. I found her mode of explaining feng shui relatable and easily applicable.

In the last period of time, I have felt very inspired by Marie Kondo. I watched her Netflix series, "Tidying Up." I wasn't even through the first episode and I was in the kitchen rearranging a drawer. Marie Kondo also has several books that teach her methods about organizing one's home and surrounding oneself with objects that "spark joy." I love that term.

If our home is an extension of our energy field, wouldn't it be great if it were filled with items that spark joy?

I know I want that for myself! Within the last week, I purged more items and clothing from my home. For me, certain items of clothing contained memories that needed to be released. It feels good to let go.

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