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Day 23: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

My first exposure to sound healing was many years ago through a man named Robert Austin. He travels around with an arsenal of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rain sticks and didgeridoos. You haven't lived until someone has played a didgeridoo at you!

I absolutely loved the experience of being in a sound bath with all of these instruments. I had experienced energy healing and knew what it felt like to feel the flow of energy through my body. I was blown away, experiencing the same sensations in the sound bath. It was uncanny.

I have also experienced amazing cleansing experiences while attending sound baths that incorporate large gongs. The sound penetrates and cleanses you. One time, a sound healer had me sit with my feet inside a crystal bowl while he played it. It felt like my energy was being sent through a washing machine. (I mean that in a good way!)

While experiencing the sound, I found myself having visions and receiving messages from Spirit with ease.

I am happy to be a part of the sound healing and energy healing world. I use the sound of my voice to send healing energy. It works even in a recording. Sometimes as I chant, the sounds resonate just as if I am a Tibetan singing bowl being played by Spirit.

I am grateful for these early experiences that opened me up to a new world! It's funny to look back and remember a time before I realized that sound healing was even a thing!

🌊 To experience my sound healing work, download my complimentary mp3 "Sound Healing with the Ocean." I use my singing voice accompanied by the sound of the Gulf of Mexico to transmit healing energy to the listener for their highest and best. Visit

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