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Day 3: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Leave the day's drama outside the door to this sacred space. That was a major lesson when attending mediumship class with Rev. Drew. I was fortunate that the metaphysical church I was attending at the time had a long history and tradition of hosting superior mediums in a small, sacred chapel where they held these events. Mediums from around the world had held sessions in this chapel. This chapel was a sacred, physical space for connecting to Spirit and we all respected it. However, to become good mediums wherever we were, we were taught to embody a quiet, peaceful space within ourselves in order to connect to Spirit as well.

Sometimes we would sing a simple song or a simple hymn to raise our vibration personally and as a group. We would feel into the vibration of love and peace. And then we were ready to connect.

That's a simple practice: love, peace, connect.

Spirit is waiting for each of us in the quiet.

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