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Distance Healing tonight!

Sound Healing with the Ocean- a complimentary offering from You are welcome to it - visit here.


Happy Summer Solstice! People often focus on their "beach body" during the summer. Those who are open to energy work know they can do better than that! When receiving energy healing, yes, your physical body well as your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies! Take advantage of this great opportunity to get your energy body shining for the summer season! A quick reminder-- I will be offering a 60 minute group distance healing session tonight! The session will be held at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

This is a group session. However, the energy works on each person individually. I work with Spirit, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and call on everyone's Guides to effect the highest and best healing for all.

After the Reiki distance healing sessions, clients have reported:

  • feeling more connected to Spirit, their Angels and Guides

  • releasing stagnant emotion and stress (often through crying during or after the session, which is good!)

  • feeling greater peace, harmony and clarity

  • feeling more empowered to face their challenges

  • having a great night's sleep

  • feeling more balanced

  • observing improvements in their relationships

  • feeling greater love and appreciation for themselves

  • being more receptive to insight and guidance to help their life now

I also ask that the highest vibrational guidance emerges for all the participants who register. Within 24 hours of the session, you will receive a Healing Report Video which will include details on how the healing went, as well as any spiritual guidance I receive on behalf of the group. Register for Summer Solstice Group Distance Healing here. Get ready to glow and radiate joy from the inside out!

Wishing you many blessings!



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