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Full Moon Tuning: Release Grief

Warm greetings!

Here is your Full Moon Tuning, a sound healing experience for you! Sunday brings a Full Moon in Aquarius.

This recording is about 35 minutes long and centers around releasing grief. You will hear the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl, as well as toning for each of the chakras. I sing long, drawn out notes to send energy to all of the major chakras, as well as the Thymus chakra and the Ear chakras.

As you listen to the sound of my speaking or singing voice, you will receive Divine healing energy to help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Since I am away on vacation, there will be no healing session this weekend during the Full Moon. My next group distance healing session will be on Sunday, August 29th at 9 p.m. Eastern. This will be a "Pay What You Wish" session. Instead of using my normal registration page, participants may donate whatever amount they feel guided through Paypal. Indicate that it is for Sunday, August 29th in the notes. Click here to register for next Sunday's event.

Have a blessed weekend!



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