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Group Distance Healing tonight!


Today's New Moon is in the sign of Leo. Regal Leo is a symbol for a big heart, child-like playfulness, courage and confidence. In the sound healing meditation attached, you will find support for your creativity and zest for life as well!

In my healing work, I often receive visions of clients' animal totems. In group sessions, animals sometimes present themselves to lend their energy to the group. After I channeled this sound healing meditation, I found myself called to include hummingbirds and butterflies in the video's imagery. Both are a symbol of lightness, sweetness and joy!

Amplify your healing experience this New Moon and consider signing up for tonight's 60 minute group distance healing session. The session will be held at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

If you decide to sign up for tonight's distance session, you will receive a Healing Report Video within 24 hours. In it, I detail how the major chakras responded to the energy, as well as places in the body where my attention was drawn. I also relay any spiritual guidance that I receive on behalf of the group.

Enjoy your Sunday. Wishing you many blessings! Martha


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