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Healing Emotions & the Inner Child: Weekly Spirit Message

Warm greetings!

I recorded the Weekly Message from Spirit yesterday afternoon. In it, I received a message about nurturing our inner children during Cancer season. Make time for play and enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

Many of you know that I love to play tennis. I went to the tennis club last night, thinking that I had a league match. As it turned out, I was a week early! I went to the pro shop to see if there was a clinic I could take or use the ball machine. Nothing was available.

In that precise moment, a woman walked in the pro shop. She was hoping to use the ball machine as well. I asked her if she'd like to play. She agreed! I made a new tennis friend and got to play for an hour against an excellent hitter.

I smiled to myself and knew that only Spirit could arrange for such a perfect meeting. Some might just call it luck, but I know better! I smiled in gratitude.

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Many blessings!


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