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How is your relationship with yourself? Weekly Spirit Message

Warm greetings!

The Full Moon in Libra approaches this weekend. It is a wonderful time to find balance within our personal relationships. In this week's Spirit Message, I pose this question: How is your relationship going with *yourself?*

In truth, how you relate to yourself affects every relationship you experience with others. This Full Moon cycle may highlight ways in which you could level up your relationship with yourself. In turn, this could bring balance to how you relate with others! Click on the image below to watch this week's Spirit message and oracle card reading from Steven Farmer's Power Animal deck. If you enjoy the video, please "like" it and consider subscribing.

I offer New Moon and Full Moon collective distance healing sessions. The group that registers will receive 60 minutes of distance healing and a Healing Report Video within 24 hours of the session. In the video, I share how the energy was received at each major chakra and parts of the body that required extra attention. I also share any spiritual guidance that I receive on behalf of the group. Learn more by visiting

I hope that the energy in this weekend's healing or any of my sound healing meditations help you to move forward to happy new beginnings in life!

Wishing you all many blessings! Martha

P.S. 30 minute recorded video readings are available now on my website. Learn more here!


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