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Is it time to treat yourself?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Martha of is both a healer and professional opera singer. Your sound healing mp3 is a healing tool that comes with high quality sound!

You may have signed up various times to receive group distance healing.  Judging by how many people register week after week and the beautiful feedback I receive, I know that people are experiencing the benefits of distance energy healing!


Enjoy even more personal healing and  focus by treating yourself to an individual session.  Individual 60 minute distance healing sessions are convenient and effective.  If you're at home, you can fall asleep immediately after or enjoy post-session relaxation without dealing with traffic or a commute!


How does this work?  All of life is made out of energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  As a result, we are all connected within a vast field of consciousness.  Regardless of our location in the physical world, I can connect with you by setting the intention to do so and channeling Divine energy.  

Through my psychic, empathic and healing ability, I am able to sense where the Divine would like me to focus the energy for you.  I sense physical, mental and/or emotional pain and work to bring relief to those areas.  I can cut harmful energetic cords that can drain a person's energy and fill those areas with Divine love.


During the session, I also chant mantras, sounds and speak inspired words for your healing.  The healing energy that flows through my hands also flows through my voice.  I am a professional opera singer, so the sound is of high quality!


When you listen to the recording, you may also feel energy working on your body, much like you would during an actual energy healing session.   The sound healing MP3s are multiple use.  Listen to it as many times as you feel guided.  Trust your intuition.  You will know!

I can accommodate you for a healing session during a variety of times, morning, afternoon or evening, depending on the day of the week.  I have a handful of spots available for individual healings in the coming week.  Click here to learn more and book your individual distance healing session today!

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