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Meditation inside: Ignite passion, creativity & nurture the inner child

Warm greetings!

Here is the New Moon Tuning, created to support you during the New Moon in Leo on Sunday, August 8. When listening to this meditation, consider relaxing or lying down to soak in the energies contained within it. This 13 minute meditation can be used independently or in tandem with my coming group distance session.

In this meditation, you will receive energy to invigorate your creativity, as well as your zest and passion for life. The Divine Mother came forward with some nurturing for the inner child. As I brought together images for the video, the hummingbird and butterfly came forth and wanted to be included! I was also guided to include imagery of lavender fields.

Hummingbirds teach us to enjoy the sweet nectar of life!

I also feel that working with lavender at the time of the New Moon could be beneficial. If it pleases you, perhaps buy some fresh lavender to enjoy. Place a sachet under your pillow as your sleep. It's been so cloudy and rainy here, a lavender scented candle would suit me quite well!

On Sunday, August 8, I will hold a group distance healing session at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Awake, asleep or otherwise engaged, the energy will work for your highest and best. Click here for more information on this healing opportunity.

Have an amazing day!!


P.S. I will be away on vacation from August 15 to 23. If you would like personal healing work, please book sooner rather than later. You might be interested in a 30 minute personal distance healing session for yourself. It comes with a written report about how the energy flowed at each chakra and any guidance that comes forth during your session. This service is on sale now for $46 through Friday, 8/13.


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