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Day 28: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Lessons from the Kitchen Sink

This might sound crazy, but for the last couple of days I've been wanting to tell you all about the plumbing situation I was experiencing in my kitchen. You might wonder, why in the world would she want to do that? The answer is this: I look for the lesson in everything.

Over the weekend, I noticed that the water wasn't draining very easily in either of my kitchen sinks-- the normal one, or the garbage disposal one. I also noticed that my dishwasher appeared to be flooded. I hated to bother my landlord on the weekend with a plumbing issue. I held off through Sunday night. In the meantime, my father was offering suggestions to try to fix it myself. I am usually game to learn something new. After this experience, I draw the line at plumbing. Last weekend, I was literally underneath my car. I vastly prefer that. I was pathetically trying to use the plunger to help pump away whatever the blockage was. My landlord even came over to try. It wasn't working. Also, it was gross. My sinks looked like a flooded mess. It was embarassing for me to let my landlord into my house. I wondered what the spiritual meaning might be of having a blockage in such a meaningful spot in the house. Luckily, about an hour after I called the plumber this morning, the issue was resolved. With ease, those lovely men solved the blockage in my sink. I also thank them spiritually. Symbolically, I feel a blockage is also being cleared in my life. As soon as they left, I took the opportunity to clean up the space I had emptied underneath the sink so that they could easily work. Once I put everything in order there, I found myself rearranging some objects in my house, as well. I found that to be quite a curious thing. Block gone, more energy flowing. Not only in my kitchen, but also around my home. The flooded dishwasher and sink reminded me of the emotion and garbage that can come up as we feel into an energetic blockage. It is not always pretty. Our own releasing can look like major tears, anger or frustration. After you "take out the garbage" you will feel better!

Thank you, God, for plumbers. And thank you God, for Divine healing energy. When it comes to your personal healing, it is definitely worth getting your "hands dirty!" Many blessings to you all. May your drains be clog free!


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