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Not making it through security! Weekly Message from Spirit

Warm greetings!

You arrive at the airport, ticket and baggage in hand. You head for the gate where your airplane is waiting. But first, airport security! Here in the United States, we have the TSA - the Transportation Security Administration.

In our case, the TSA is Spirit. Spirit is x-raying your baggage and let me tell you, certain "energies" are not traveling with you to your next destination. Details inside this week's Spirit Message! I can help you "travel light!" A new cycle of the Moon Magic Distance Healing Program is open now. You will receive both the New Moon and Full Moon Collective Distance Healing Sessions, a sound healing mp3 before each event and a Healing Report Video after each session as well. You can also participate in just the New Moon in Cancer Distance Healing session as a stand-alone event as well.

These collective distance energy healing sessions expedite the release of any dull and stagnant energies that may be clouding your system physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The Divine healing energy clears away all that is willing to be released at this time. You have places to go and new people to see-- release the past! Your next adventure is waiting!

With love and many blessings, Martha

P.S. Individual sessions are always available! Visit my website for more information.


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