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Sharing "Exaltation"

I was having one of those days recently where I was looking for a particular document. Instead of finding what I needed, I found all sorts of other things instead! When I ran across this poem, I knew that I wanted to share it with all of you. It is about enjoying the present moment and letting go.

From "Exaltation" by Robert T. Weston

All things change: nothing remains the same.

Spring comes, fills the heart with song and is gone;

Summer with its invitation to leisure is upon us.

And hardly have we taken hold of it

But the ripe fruit of autumn is in our hands.

Either we take it and enjoy it or it too decays,

And the sharp breath of winter and snow crystals

Are flying past us before the last persimmon is gone.

Lo, each in its time, each life in its every moment,

The baby, the child, the youth, the lover, the parent, the aged,

Is at its ultimate state in every moment, and passes on.

Pluck this moment as you would a precious flower;

Share it as it were love, and let it go.

Beauty and wonder lie all about you even now;

They too, even as you are, are never final

But always in process of both being and becoming.

Take then each moment as the perfect gift of life,

Knowing that you shall no more be able to hold it as it is

Than what is already past.

Even as you let go,

Another and yet different moment comes...

To be enjoyed or lost.

Wishing you many blessings.


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