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Shark! (Not kidding!)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Tonight I drove out the beach. I wanted to get outside, get some sun and record some ocean footage for the Full Moon Tuning- the next sound healing meditation I will share with all of you. We are in Pisces season and it felt appropriate.

I was holding my cellphone still and enjoying the view. The next thing I knew, I heard, "SHARK!"

I thought there was a confused tourist on the beach. I started to look for a dolphin, instead. As the man continued to warn others near the shoreline, I saw it for myself. It really was a shark!

The video below is a mere 41 seconds. I think the fin is pretty obvious! I've lived in Florida forever. I have never witnessed a shark that close to the shore!

I know better than to chalk this up to mere coincidence. There I was recording video footage for the Full Moon Tuning - the sound healing recording I share with the Love Light Voice community- and a shark shows up. What is the message for us?

The sign of Pisces is an intuitive, emotional one. The coming Full Moon may already be stirring emotions in your waking life and in your dreams as well.

The shark swims with determination through these waters. The shark is not a cuddly animal totem, but an aloof, steely, cold one. The shark is focused. The shark goes after what it wants!

It feels like a time to get focused and take action with what we want to create in our lives. Think about the shark for yourself. What message does it bring to you?

There is still time to register for Saturday's Full Moon Distance Healing Session. I will send 60 minutes of distance healing at 12 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. UTC). Tomorrow, I will send the Full Moon Tuning which you can choose to use on its own or along with the distance session on Saturday.

Participants will receive a Healing Report Video, which details how the session went and any spiritual insight that arrives for the group. Click here to register and learn more!

Click here for my shark footage!

Many blessings,


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